Feel Instantly Better With Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Reduce or release physical pain or emotional distress with tapping and the Emotional freedom technique (EFT).

  1. Identify your issue/negative feeling

  2. Rate the intensity of that feeling

  3. Set up the statement:

    “Even though I feel [enter your feeling here] I deeply love and accept myself.”

  4. Start the tapping sequence with tapping 5-7 times on the side of the hand (Karate Chop location) each time you say your statement out loud

  5. Do this hand-tapping 3 times in total, possibly with different wording to make sure to reach your subconscious, while repeating your statement

  6. Create a reminder phrase (e.g. “this stress in my body“) and keep your feeling in mind while tapping each of the following tapping points (see graphic, moving down the body) 5-7 times:

    1. Top of the head
    2. Between the eyebrows
    3. Side of the eye
    4. Under the eye
    5. Under the nose
    6. Under the chin
    7. On your collar bone (use two hands/fingers)
    8. Under the arm/on the side of your ribcage

  7. After you’re done, focus on your issue/feeling and check its intensity

  8. Repeat the technique if the intensity is higher than ‘2’
Tapping Points

Image Source: mummy mojo

For follow-along instructions visit this wonderful channel of the Holistic Psychologist.