Personal Growth

12 Thought-Provoking Questions To Meditate On

1. What time period in the last 10 years did I enjoy most and why? How can I recreate the feeling?
2. What is a repeating problem that I can eliminate today?
3. Who in my life brings out my best qualities and how can I spend more time with them?
4. If someone could only see my actions and not hear my words, what would they say about me?
5. If I met myself at a party, what advice would I give myself?
6. Which of my current habits serves me the most? Which habit serves me the least?
7. What am I preventing myself from feeling?
8. What can I work on today that will continue working for me in the future?
9. Am I in maintenance mode or am I in growth mode?
10. What is one thing I can do today that would make me go to bed content?
11. Is there a kinder way to do what I am doing?
12. If I keep living the way I am, what will my life look like in 20 years?

Source: James Clear

Purpose vs. Meaning

Purpose and Meaning

What is the difference between purpose and meaning?

The definition of purpose:

You have purpose, when you love what you do.

The definition of meaning:

You add meaning to your life, when you share your purpose with others.

The Best Thing Out There


According to ancient philosophy, virtue is the only thing worth striving for in life that is long-lasting and a reward in itself.

It consists of the following 4 traits:

  • Justice
  • Honesty
  • Self-Control
  • Courage

Why You Have Gratefulness All Wrong

be grateful

Gratefulness is the essence of happiness.

But true gratefulness is not only to be thankful for the good things you have in your life – but also to be thankful for all the bad things (illnesses, injuries, death etc.) that you have been spared from so far and that you are free of in this moment.