How To Create Efficacy

Ask yourself these two sets of questions:

1 – do more of this.

What do I enjoy doing the most?
What do I really want to spend my time on?
What is moving me towards the person I want to be?

2 – do less of this.

What don’t I care about?
What do I want to stop wasting my time with?
What/Who is holding me back?

This Affirmation Statement Will Empower Your Day

Affirmation Statements

Every Day…

I live with the intention to craft my life.
I don’t let life craft me.

I experience an energetic body and a restful, alert mind.

I wake up energized by who I am being and what I am here on earth to do.

I am grateful for all I have.

I choose courage over comfort.

I try to be congruent with the best version of myself.

I am lovable, enough and whole just as I am. Nothing outside of me can complete me.

I am worthy and deserving of extraordinary success and abundance.

I determine my definition of success and not let society or my loved ones make the decision for me.

I don’t have to control or change anything or anyone.
The only thing I can change is myself: my thoughts and my actions.

My body and mind are forever youthful and ageless.

I have endless energy for everything I chose to do.

I give what I want to receive.

Everything that I need or want comes to me easily, effortlessly, continuously and always at the right time. I am never in need.

I am safe.

I have a profitable and fulfilling business that serves my personal lifestyle and gives me purpose and security.

I don’t have to know it all now. I am capable to figure things out as I go.

Right now is the perfect time to act. Action cures my fear.
I keep momentum taking one little step at a time.

I am ready.

I listen to my intuition.

I chose the risky path towards my desires and not the easy and safe path that is keeping me small.

I grow and learn every day.

I see the connection of things, not their separateness.

I perfect the essentials and get rid of unnecessities.

I respect this planet and protect the environment.
I try not to leave a negative footprint.

Everything happens for my greater good.
Life works out always in my favor and only good things lie ahead of me.

Nothing has the power to shake my observing attitude.
I am invincible to other people’s negativity.

I live empowered and self-directed. I have 100% control over my life’s experience.

I try to maintain a curious mindset.

I am resilient to distraction and practice patience.

I accept every moment as it comes.

Every second I die to the past.
I plan for but don’t anticipate the future.

Now is the only time there is. Now is the only time I can act.

Keep It Simple


Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance”

Coco Chanel

Simplicity in our daily lives boils down to two steps:

  1. Identify the essential
  2. Eliminate the rest

We have to realize that life is not whole and perfect once you can’t add anything anymore, but once you can’t take anything else away.

It’s time to gain back control over our time and focus, and stop letting stuff control us.

A more minimal lifestyle is the basis for a confident and intentional way of being.

Reveal your life’s essence, your real you, so you can live life on your terms and fall asleep accomplished and fulfilled at the end of the day.