Life Categories

Our life is like our body: It consists of many different parts that are all equally important to the wellbeing of the whole; The right balance brings long-term happiness.

Is there anything you need to pay more attention to this year?

1. Health/Energy

  • Physical Fitness (Exercise, Wellness)
  • Diet (Nutrition, Variety)

2. Personal/self

  • Emotions (Beliefs, Attitude, Spirituality, Awareness)
  • Intellect (Learning, Creativity, Knowledge)

3. Relationships

  • Social (Family, Friends, Community)
  • Partner (Love, Sex)

4. Business

  • Work & Career (Growth, Skills, Fun)
  • Money/Finances (Income, Security, Freedom)
  • Purpose (Contribution, Service, Mission)

5. Experiences

  • Possessions & Comfort
  • Adventure (Play, Travel, Hobbies)

+ the environment & Sustainability

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