Travel To Find Yourself

Don’t go into the wilderness to ponder nature or the world but, rather, to explore your own soul.

Christopher McCandless


Not to (only) get to know other cultures. Not to (only) see breathtaking and exciting places. Not to (only) taste exotic, unusual foods. Not to (only) meet new and interesting people. Not to (only) get out of your daily rut and environment. Not to (only) extend your horizon, educate yourself and practice tolerance.

Travel first and foremost to get to know yourself better. Travel to get uncomfortable, work through it an come out stronger on the other side. Travel to get questions answered that you didn’t even dare to ask. Travel to remove doubts about your likes and dislikes. Travel to navigate life better and make the right decisions. Travelling builds courage, fights rumination, and brings lightness of heart.

Travel is the opposite of regret.

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