Know Your Values

  • To live a happy and fulfilled life is to live a life according to your own rules and principles.
  • The first step is to become aware of these values.
  • Let these values be your compass through life, helping you with priorities, decisions and time management.

1. write it down

Write down your 5 most valued personal characteristics. Don’t write down what you think is socially expected or valued by your friends or family members. Instead: Ask your heart (or your 90-year-old self).

2. check in

Look at your list of values at the end of each day, week or month and ask yourself: “Did I align my time and energy with my core values?”
If the answer is Yes: Congratulations! Enjoy the feeling of knowing that you are using your time in the right way.
If the answer is No: Adjust (e.g. spend less time on Y, more time on X).

3. review

Review your values every now and then. We change and grow and so will our standards.

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