How Your Mind Works

The rules of your psyche

  • Your mind wants to turn towards what is familiar and avoid what’s unfamiliar
  • Your mind is hardwired to move towards pleasure and move away from pain
  • Whatever you focus on, you will get more of
  • First you make your beliefs, then your beliefs make you
  • Your mind does what it thinks is in your best interest
  • Our strongest unconscious force is that we must act in a way that matches our thinking
  • Your thoughts are a set of “rules” that your mind and body try to make your reality

your action plan

  1. If you want to succeed you have to make what is familiar unfamiliar and vice versa
  2. Communicate clearly with your mind to get what you want
  3. All your feelings come down to the pictures you make in your head and the words you say to yourself

From a talk by Therapist & Behavioural Expert Marisa Peer

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