Mediocrity & Success

  • The majority of people are living bearable lives that are below their potential
  • Your ability to tolerate pain directly determines how successful you’ll be
  • Busyness is often a sign of weakness; a cluttered mind unable to set boundaries
  • The love of this busyness only leads to a life that feels short and ends quickly
  • The (modern, material) world sets you up for mediocrity
  • The world does not want you to succeed
  • The world has one agenda when it comes to you: It wants you to spend your money
  • The world wants to make money from your attention
  • If you follow all the rules, buy what everyone else buys, act the way everyone else acts, and live the life everyone else is living, you’re almost guaranteed to end up in mediocrity
  • The solution is to do what other people are unwilling to do
  • If you want what no one else has, you have to do what no one else does
  • Successful people do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do

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