25 Simple And Fun Ways To Practice Self-Care

  1. Taking a relaxing bath with alkalizing magnesium salts
  2. Diffusing some essential oils (e.g. lavender or rose)
  3. Getting or giving yourself a beauty treatment (e.g. manicure, pedicure or facial)
  4. Getting a massage
  5. Going to the Sauna/Hammam
  6. Going for a walk in nature (without your phone)
  7. Doing a relaxing slow-flow yoga-session
  8. Practice meditation
  9. Reading a few pages of an inspirational book
  10. Cooking a nutritious and yummy meal and enjoying it slowly
  11. Spending (Zoom-) time with your best friend(s)
  12. Watching an educational movie or show
  13. Playing a board game
  14. Enjoying a glass of good […] (fill in the blank)
  15. Prepping some snacks and making a picnic in nature or in your garden
  16. Listening to an empowering podcast (e.g. by Sam Harris or Wayne Dyer)
  17. Taking a nap
  18. Drawing something without having a plan of what to draw
  19. Putting on a motivating song and dance to it as if no one is watching
  20. Baking a cake or cookies and enjoying them without a bad conscience
  21. Telling yourself some powerful and positive affirmations
  22. Making a cocktail or drink with some fresh fruit juices, herb leaves, and ice cubes
  23. Doing a spa day at home (with a body peeling, face mask or dry skin brushing)
  24. Making yourself your 3-course-dream breakfast (however long it takes)
  25. Doing a journaling exercise (for example this one)

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