Take Care Of Yourself First

the worry

Isn’t it selfish to take care of yourself first before helping others? Doesn’t that mean that we don’t care about everyone else? Shouldn’t self-care be best done in secret?

The Basics

  1. Stop worrying constantly about what other people think of you
  2. Stop feeling selfish for asking for and doing what you want

the answer

Take care of yourself before jumping on all the help and favors you believe others expect of you.

the explanation

Taking care of yourself means caring for your health and happiness. It will automatically give you more patience and energy, which makes you be of much more help to those around you.

You can’t be of much support to the world when you neglect your physical and mental health and are constantly dealing with tiredness, illness, or anxiety.

Only when you are taken care of can you take on other things fully and wholeheartedly with the biggest possible impact for yourself and those around you.


.Looking after yourself first is not being selfish. By giving yourself the care you need you are directly taking care of everyone else in your life in the best way possible.

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