The meditation method Space-Time-Bridging was created by neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman and helps you get present (as in calm and alert), optimize your focus to get the right things done, and access an inspired, hyper-creative state of mind.

Complete each step while connecting it to one breath, a breath cycle, or several breath cycles – whichever you prefer. Repeat the three steps as long as you want, at least for 3 minutes for maximum effects.

1. Sense Within

Breathe (in): “Internalize” your attention, gently placing it on a point inside your body or head, e.g. your third eye.

2. Focus

Breathe (out): Open your eyes and focus your gaze on a single point close by on the surface of your body, e.g. your hand.

3. Defocus

Breathe (in): See the whole picture at once; relax your eyes and take in everything in your field of vision.


This video shows the process in more detail, explained by Andrew Huberman himself.

Learn more from neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman here.

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