Meditation Facts

All You Need To Know About Meditation

1. It’s about being aware in the present moment

Meditating is about being in and experiencing the present moment with your physical senses. It’s about really feeling your feelings in order to realize that you are their observer and not their hostage.

2. Don’t expect not to think

You can’t clear or empty your mind unless you are enlightened or dead. Don’t expect it. It is impossible. Accept the fact that your conscious mind will always stray and that it will be especially active when you try to calm it.

3. Even a “messy” meditation is a successful meditation

You are meditating correctly when you notice that your mind has drifted (even if it was for your whole session). In that moment, you are working and strengthening your attention muscle. That is all that meditation is all about: Practicing the repetition of noticing that your mind has wandered from your point of focus and gently bringing it back.

Happy Meditating!

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