Delay And Savour Gratification To Have More Success

We all know that it helps to reward ourselves once we have done our chores, worked on that project or checked off that To-Do list item.

It makes us feel good and more likely to keep our motivation up and our momentum going.

One of the biggest indicators for success in life (success meaning to achieve what you want to achieve) ist to delay those rewards.

Don’t sell out what you want right now for what you want in the long run.


It is equally important to savour your rewards:

Once you are allowing yourself that reward, slow down and really focus on it.

Don’t check your emails while enjoying that cupcake. Don’t fold your laundry while you’re watching that Netflix episode.

Make sure to mindfully enjoy it as much as possible, without distractions (a nice side effect: You will need less and less of your reward moving forward).

To sum up, make sure to do the following:

1. Give yourself rewards
2. Delay those rewards
3. Savour your rewards fully

Inspired from the book “You Are Enough” by behavioural therapist Marisa Peer

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