The Problems Of Humanity And How To Solve Them

1. terrorism

the Reason

Materialism; A feeling of separateness; Newtonian thinking based on the belief that everything consists of matter and therefore cannot explain the existence of consciousness.

The solution

Seeing the connection of everything; The knowledge if quantum intelligence and that there is an web of information and energy that everything in this universe is part of.

2. climate change

the reason

Greed; “l’ll be happy when”-syndrome; looking for happiness outside of yourself; wanting to be comfortable at all costs; comparison with others; competitiveness

The solution

Knowing that nothing outside of you (things, people or experiences) can complete you or make your happy for more than a short amount if time. Appreciate all that you have; reduce your consumerism; up-level the awareness of your own actions and their effect on your surrounding. Do something about it.

Inspired by “ZIVA Meditation”-owner Emily Fletcher

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