What Does It Mean To Be Spiritual?

Nature is a symbol for spirituality.

“Spirituality is solving the problem called “you“.”

Anthony De Mello

You can call spirituality consciousness, awareness, love or awakening.

It all means the same thing: To finally see things as they really are.

It means to be aware and to observe, without judgment or social conditioning.

It means to stop running from or towards certain feelings or situations but to instead accept and surrender.

Therefore, Spirituality is all about unlearning all the stuff that you were taught.

Once you start looking at life with “baby”-eyes again (or a beginner’s mind Shoshin– how it’s called in Zen Buddhism), you begin living the spiritual life, which is pure freedom in its essence:

To not get caught up in your thoughts or with the illusion of the self, but simply being in awe of the wonder of your life.

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