Surrender To Life

Surrender and let go

In order to eliminate pain and suffering from your life, you need to surrender.

As the opposite of rejecting the flow of life, surrender means accepting and living fully in the Now without resistance. To surrender is to accept the present moment.

Surrender needs to be practiced precisely at those times when things “go wrong”. It does not mean to give up or do nothing; You simply take action after accepting the moment for what it is and not because of the negative emotion you have.

Here are my 3 favorites quotes on surrendering to life:

Shefali tsabary – “The Awakened Family”

Surrender involves fully giving ourselves to the present moment without imposing conditions or control for the future.

“Stress Less, Accomplish More” – Emily Fletcher

I give myself permission to surrender completely to my experience because I know it’s temporary. I allow myself to experience any discomfort fully because I know the more I surrender to it, the faster I move through to the other side.

“The Power of Now” – Eckhard Tolle

There is something within you that remains unaffected by the transient circumstances that make up your life situation, and only through surrender do you have access to it.

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