The 3 Aspects Of The Ego

Thank your ego (aka your fake self) for these 3 deep misconceptions that are falsely trying to give you a sense of identity:

1. What i have (possessions)

2. what i do (achievements)

3. what other people think of me

To be your real you, stop identifying with your belongings, income, achievements, and the opinions of others.

They don’t bring you happiness – on the contrary: If they are the only aspects of your identity, they are the best way to avoid real and long-term inner peace altogether.

Instead, connect to your nature – the source of everything. Create your own definition of success. Trust life and listen to your inner calling that pushes you towards purpose and a meaningful life. Don’t let the illusion of your ego and social constructs cloud or prevent your path to fulfillment. Find your own answer to the question: “Who am I?”

Inspired by the movie “The Shift” by spiritual teacher Wayne Dyer.

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