Guilt & Leading An Ethical Life

Don’t feel bad about not living a perfectly ethical, “good” life. That would be counterproductive: Feeling guilty about wrong actions doesn’t make us more moral or act better in the future.

Not only that, feeling guilty is selfish: Guilt is based on self-involvement, which only makes our egos feel better – and therefore more likely to look away from injustice; the opposite of being ethical. An ethical response to bad acts should not involve thinking about your personal feelings, but to be pragmatic & practical and consider how to right them.

Figuring out how to live this “good” life should be fun: The more you enjoy morality (more specifically, acting virtuously), the more likely it is that you’ll live ethically. Learning to feel pleasure about morality may be necessary for moral excellence. Guilt is the opposite of pleasure and therefore the opposite of ethical living.

Source: It’s impossible to lead a totally ethical life—but it’s fun to try & 7 reasons not to feel bad about yourself when you have acted immorally

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