What You Should consider to Know About Yourself

Your Values

What is really important to you? What do you enjoy spending time on that, at the same time, makes you feel fulfilled and like a “better” person? Be honest with yourself. Don’t give yourself answers that you think you should give, but ones that are actually true. Listen to your heart on this, not your head.

Your Beliefs

Ask yourself questions about specific areas of your life (e.g. what did your parents teach you about XYC?). Become aware of your current beliefs and then, if you like, create your own.

Your habits

What do you always or regularly do? What do you do without thinking about it? What do you do without questioning it? Then ask yourself: Are my habits moving me towards the person I want to be, or are they holding me back?

Your skills

What are you good at? What strengths do others value you for? What do you think differentiates you from others?

Your weaknesses

Weaknesses slow you down or hold you back. They are usually (soft) skills you already know you are missing or that you don’t like about yourself; they are shown in situations that make you uncomfortable. Often, a weakness you might have is something you really admire and respect in others.

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