Havening Technique

The Havening Technique To Overcome Negative Memories

The word Havening is based on the noun “haven” which stands for “safe place”.

Havening is a method based on neuroscience, evolutionary biology and psychology.

Regularly practiced it is supposed to help you overcome limiting past experiences or negative memories such as trauma.

Using Havening you will become more positive, healthier and calmer as a result.

The 5-Step Havening Technique

Step 1

Recall the uncomfortable memory or whatever has been weighing on your mind lately. Feel the resulting stress response of your body.

Step 2

Briefly distract yourself to help clear your conscious mind of the traumatic event, e.g. by recounting what you had for breakfast the day before.

Step 3

Increase the calming delta waves in your brain by rubbing the sides of your arms, the inside of your palms and your face about 10 times each. While doing so Imagine walking along a beautiful sandy beach or across an open grassy surface and count each stroke while you take an imaginary step.

Step 4

Do some rapid eye movement, moving your eyes (without moving your head) from left to right about 5 times.

Step 5

Repeat arm, palm and face rub.

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