You Will Never Get Everything Done

There are two facts:

  1. There is an infinite amount of things to do
  2. You only have a finite time in this world

Lean into that knowing and the resulting discomfort

Yes, you can become more efficient and productive (see a few of my tips here) but don’t ever expect that it will allow you to get everything done or that, at some point, you will reach the day when your to-do list is empty, there is nothing more to take care of, and you can finally only do the things that you want to do.

Don’t live in that illusion.

You will have to actively make this desired feeling of relief and the resulting act of relaxation happen. It certainly won’t come to you by getting more done in less time.

What makes it unbearable is your belief
that it can be cured.

Charlotte Joko Beck, Zen teacher

Accept that you will never get everything done.

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