Basic Business Essentials For The Random Entrepreneur

  1. Define your business vision
  2. Clarify your goals
  3. Leverage your unique strengths
  4. Be aware of your weaknesses
  5. Have a unique brand (how your business is perceived by those who experience it)
  6. Know your numbers
  7. Schedule your time
  8. Prioritize important things
  9. Take smart, consistent action
  10. Build trust with your audience
  11. Charge your value, not your time
  12. Find a way to reach new customers
  13. Offer outstanding customer service
  14. Have the best product/service in your niche
  15. Navigate the complex world of online marketing (Social Media, Ads, Website, Email)
  16. Grow your business in a way that is 100% aligned with your values

The Worst Disease Of The 21st Century

Distractitis is the worst disease of the 21st century

Have you ever heard if “Distractitis”? Because well, you have it.



  1. Schedule/plan your day ahead of time
  2. Reduce input (e.g. number of news channels, tv shows, websites, friends, …)
  3. Get comfortable ignoring things (ignoring = becoming aware, then instantly moving on)
  4. Turn your phone notifications on silent
  5. Check your phone/messages/email at certain intervals
  6. Keep your workspace clean, tidy and clutter-free
  7. Don’t let other people’s urgencies take over your time
  8. Set blocks of time for working or reading. Set a timer to know when you’re finished.
  9. If you do something, finish it before you start something else
  10. Try not to multitask