The Worst Disease Of The 21st Century

Distractitis is the worst disease of the 21st century

Have you ever heard if “Distractitis”? Because well, you have it.



  1. Schedule/plan your day ahead of time
  2. Reduce input (e.g. number of news channels, tv shows, websites, friends, …)
  3. Get comfortable ignoring things (ignoring = becoming aware, then instantly moving on)
  4. Turn your phone notifications on silent
  5. Check your phone/messages/email at certain intervals
  6. Keep your workspace clean, tidy and clutter-free
  7. Don’t let other people’s urgencies take over your time
  8. Set blocks of time for working or reading. Set a timer to know when you’re finished.
  9. If you do something, finish it before you start something else
  10. Try not to multitask

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