3 Healthy Lifestyle Hacks

1. Healthy breakfast

  • Whole foods only: Little carbs, lots of protein (e.g. nuts, quark or eggs) and high in natural fats
  • Always have the same breakfast every day; have all ingredients at home at all times
  • Prep your breakfast ingredients the night before

2. Grounding

  • Walk barefoot if you can/dare
  • Spend time in Nature for at least 10 minutes every day
  • Get out of the building as much as you can (sit outside for your lunch break, walk to the grocery store)
  • Connect to earth’s natural elements (build a fire, have plants in your home. spend time by a water source or fountain)

3. Digital Detox

  • Turn WiFi off at night
  • Avoid all screens for the first and last hour of your day
  • Keep mobile devices far away from your body (set them in a different room while working, use headset for phone calls)
  • Track your digital device usage (e.g. Screentime on iPhone, Digital Wellbeing for Android or Moment)
  • plan activities that don’t leave room for digital engagement (e.g. fitness/yoga class or bike riding)

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