How To Be Zen With Money

How To Heal The 5 Negative Emotions That Block Abundance And Keep You Stuck In Scarcity

1. Anxiety

Do you get a big clump in your stomach whenever you look at your bank account or when you have to pay a bill?

Shift your mind to gratitude. Overcome your money nervousness by knowing that the present and the future are not scary and that you are safe. See all the things you currently have and enjoy.

2. Fear

Deep down you are afraid of not having enough money to live. To run out of money.

Go ahead and really Imagine the worst-case scenario (that will very likely never happen). Realize that even if you lose your job and your home, you will always have someone (if it’s a friend or a family member) on whose couch you can crash until you get back on your feet. So, relax. Having no money won’t kill you, but the fear of it might.

3. Doubt

Financial doubts (about your ability to earn money, your investments, your employer or your business) make you paranoid and hold you back.

Know that people will always have needs and wants, There will always be an economy and a way to make money. If you have any skill or any knowledge that can help others you can survive and you can thrive.

4. Guilt

Guilt is an easy feeling to get addicted to, because, in a way, it makes us feel better. Unfortunately, you can’t enjoy money if you feel guilty about receiving or giving money.

Stop thinking that guilt protects you. Know that you are not stealing from other people when you make money. Money flows through people and it will flow through you to others; you are always passing on what you earn. Earning money does not mean that you take it away from anyone or anything. On the contrary: You can control where the money flows to once you have it. In a way, it’s one way to shape the world.

5. Self-Neglect

It’s easy to fall in the self-neglect state as it is connected to guilt. When you are in this sacrifice mode you don’t pay yourself first after you earn something.

Make sure to make yourself happy with a focus on the longterm. Save and invest first after you earn money, as well as spend a little amount of your income for enjoyment, wellness and comfort.

By “Zen Millionaire” Ken Honda

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