The Best Ways To Strengthen Your Mitochondria And Increase Energy

Mitochondria¬†are the parts of cells (think of it like the cell’s main organ) that give your cells their energy by making a molecule called ATP that cells use as fuel.

The better your mitochondria work, the more and better energy your body has available.

Here are 5 study-proven ways to give your mitochondria a boost and/or increase the number of mitochondria:

  1. Cold Exposure (e.g. 30-second-showers under cold water or short ice baths)
  2. Heat Therapy (e.g. sauna)
  3. High Intensity Training (short bursts of maximum energy capacity, e.g. 30-second sprints)
  4. Turmeric (use as supplements, make a tea form it or sprinkle some on your meals combined with some freshly ground pepper for better absorption)
  5. Avoid processed/added sugars (you know it!)


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