Spirituality Life Hack

You don’t have to be perfect and practice “typical” spiritual methods every day, such as meditation or Yoga, in order to feel as if you are living a truly connected life.

Simply turn everyday actions you are doing anyway into mini-rituals.

There are only 3 keys to transforming any activity into a spiritual habit:

The intention to do so, awareness during the act itself, and slowing down while you’re at it.

3 examples of turning your routines into rituals could be:

  1. Lighting some candles when taking a bath or being in the shower, honoring your physical body
  2. Using incense when doing the dishes, thanking them for their service
  3. Play your favorite music during your daily cup of morning coffee or tea and looking out the window instead of scrolling through your media feed

Inspired by Author Emma Howarth

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