Moon Cartoon drawing

Look Up

Psychologists and researchers have shown that looking at the night sky improves your happiness and well-being – and not only at that moment, but the effect lasts for weeks afterward.

Star gazing also makes you make more ethical decisions and makes you have a more positive outlook on life, care more about the planet, and less about materialistic things.

Watching the stars, our Milky Way, galaxies, clusters and earth’s moon shifts you from a focus on daily concerns to a mindset of connection, compassion and the “bigger picture”.

It also helps you feel like you have more time.

You will be happy to hear that you will also have these results if you simply look at an image of the stars or our universe (see for example the photos taken through the Hubble Telescope).

“Looking up at the stars is one of the most powerful sources of positive and connected emotion, that happens when you are confronted with something vast that dwarfs you and is beyond your capacity to really comprehend.”

Author & Scientist Jo Merchant

Tonight, watch the night sky.

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